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💫Success is my only option ❤️ 21🥂


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she went to school to be a marine biologist you stupid fucks she’s obviously passionate about this. https://t.co/vXMt6Yx7RQ

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Without a shadow of a doubt. https://t.co/BEhFbFzM1P

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If I let you touch my face, bes believe it's real between us. https://t.co/hZlXMn5Hzi

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Tell Aretha and Michael we miss them. https://t.co/IozaOqMB3u

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Cheating is kid shit. Real niggas don’t cheat.

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how many of y’all can admit u talk to yourself ??😂😭

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These animals too advanced https://t.co/f6hY6Pexcy

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Its sad how your so called friends be the ones that lowkey dont fwu

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This is the second patient that passd away on me 💔 my heart cant take this

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I’m just tired of people tbh.

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I have to get a fresh pair of grey 990’s for the summer. https://t.co/qXEVXPQnce

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I need a jwoww in my fckin life https://t.co/kCqbc2YfXZ

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Don't let the internet rush you. No one is posting their failures.


Do you hear me https://t.co/b04jYbzepl